One of the albums on my facebook page includes pictures of some of the dances and venues I've called in the last few years. Some of my hot links are not hot (operator error), but check You Tube/music and put in my name and "dance", and you'll find several videos of me calling.  There is a recent video on You Tube of  me calling "Rocks and Dirt" in Gainesville Florida,  with music by Emily Ann Thompson and Kelly Thompson. A video from a year before that shows me calling "Sailing in Fair Harbor" to the music of the Avant Gardeners at the Michigan Dance heritage weekend. There is a video of me calling my Bayou Delight at Glen Echo, with the Dead Sea Squirrels.

There is an older video  where I call "3-33" by Steve Zakon-Anderson at Sugar Hill in 2009 to great music by the Spinels, to a hall with maybe 300 people. This Sugar Hill dance was fairly early in my calling career, barely a year after I called my first full evening. My facebook site has a video of me calling a 12 bar blues contra with the Syncopaths at Memfest.

I've done several tours with the fabulous Twy Bethard and John Paolillo providing the music as Entwyned. We've done gigs in Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Urbana, Cincinnati, Baltimore and multiple dates  in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, as well as North and South Carolina. We have a great time working together and are well received, with lots of compliments on the quality and variety of dances and music that fit perfectly together. Here's some links to dances I called in Cincinnati with Entwyned

You Tube has a video of me calling at the Stony Point Barn in September, 2011, with Fox on the Run, although the video is mostly of the band. There are several videos of me calling at a special dance at the local university, I.U.P.U.I., in January 2011, on You Tube, which you can find easily by searching my name. There are other videos of me calling at the Indycontra website, although most of these are much older.

There is a Wikipedia article about contradance if you are not familiar with the dance form. The St. Louis contra group, the Child Grove Country Dancers, has an excellent website as well.

If you don't know the music of the Syncopaths, check their site.  I was the headline caller with them at Memfest, in Memphis Tennessee, in March, 2012.