I am Ken Gall, dance caller--aka Ken the Caller.  My high spirits and affirming approach to dance, (and to life) create a lot of smiles and happy memories. Click my name on you tube for examples of what I do. NEW EMAIL 8-3-15: simply ken@kenthecaller.com. Or call 317-750-7892. I do a lot of traveling to call, but also love to work right here in central Indiana.

I've called regularly scheduled contra dances from coast to coast, with groups of 50 or less to events with 250 or more mostly experienced dancers. I've called to groups of first time dancers from 4 to 84, for weddings, fund raisers, barn dances, and to schools and church youth groups. I've also started calling and teaching English Country Dances. It's all good!

I call a variety of (mostly contra) dances that are often compared to weekend programs called by well known callers.  I've called to all kinds of live music, from old time-y, Celtic or Quebecois jigs and reels to swing tunes, pop music, and sometimes even a classical riff or two.  I've called with once a month volunteer bands and with a number of nationally known musicians, or with CD's for low budget events at schools and churches. In addition to calling and teaching contra and squares, I can also teach couples dances including primarily waltz and swing, Cajun and Zydeco.  If you haven't experienced contra dancing, here's a hint, from a poem by Carol Tyx:
                We line up two by two, ready
                to step out of our ordinary lives...
                It's life as it's meant to be
                where we take the world in our arms
                up and down the line, welcoming one another 
                home again and again.

I'd be glad to call for your community's scheduled contra dance, for a weekend, or for a special event, or to be a workshop leader in conjunction with a dance event. There is more detail than you need on the following pages, but feel free to check me out.