It's wonderful that so many communities are beginning to dance again.  I would be happy to consider an invitation to call, particularly if I have called for your community dance before.  
I've been calling contra for 15 years. I love calling, and call a lot of fun dances. A number of dances I have called in several states, as well as in DC (Glen Echo) are on youtube. 

In addition to contra, I've called at a number of 'barn dances" (aka "Ceilis") at historic festivals, weddings, corporate retreats, and other one night events. These are the kind of simple dances that require no previous knowledge, but can be done and be fun for anyone, and are geared to whoever shows up.  These often include a lot of party dances, some great square dances, circle dances, reels, and so on. 

Stay safe and healthy, and dance when you can.  



I am Ken Gall, dance caller--aka Ken the Caller.  My high spirits and affirming approach to dance, (and to life) create a lot of smiles and happy memories. Click my name on you tube for examples of what I do. Contact me at ken@kenthecaller.com, or call 317-750-7892. 

I've called contra, English Country, Civil War era dances, square dances, wedding dances, barn dances, and similar stuff hundreds of times from coast to coast over the last fourteen years.  I really enjoy calling barn dances, where even people with no dance experience can get involved and have fun with only brief instruction. I also have great fun calling for dances where there are a hundred or more mostly experienced dancers with high expectations.

At contra dances, I call a variety of dances that are often compared to weekend programs called by well known callers, and some of these national "first tier" callers have copied dances I call, and even some that I have written.  I've called to all kinds of live music, from old time-y, Celtic or Quebecois jigs and reels to swing tunes, pop music, and sometimes even a classical riff or two.  I've called with once a month volunteer bands and with a number of nationally known musicians, or with CD's for low budget events at schools and churches.  If you haven't experienced contra dancing, here's a hint, from a poem by Carol Tyx:
                We line up two by two, ready
                to step out of our ordinary lives...
                It's life as it's meant to be
                where we take the world in our arms
                up and down the line, welcoming one another 
                home again and again.